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We aim to provide the world with sustainable, environmentally conscious eye-wear, that give back to the planet with every purchase. Simple!

What We Do

Welcome to Wooden Waves, a Lake District based eco brand dedicated to providing sustainable wooden sunglasses with a mission to make a difference. 

We believe that fashion should not cost the Earth (in more ways than one) so we aim to give back more than we take. We hope to fight deforestation and the devastating effects of rising sea temperatures in a battle to restore balance to the natural world.

We are passionate about our products, we are passionate about nature and we are passionate about fighting to protect this beautiful world that we live in. 

Wooden Waves Aviator Wooden Sunglasses
Wooden Waves Clubmaster Wooden Sunglasses

How We Do It

We support One Tree Planted who plant trees all around the world, regenerating areas of deforestation and teaching sustainability to the locals. 


We also support Coral Gardeners whose aim is to regenerate and restore the damaged coral reef off the coast of Moorea in French Polynesia. By tending to underwater coral nurseries and replanting the reef piece by piece, they aim to restore colour and life to the ocean floor once more. 

When you buy a pair of Wooden Waves sunglasses you are planting a tree and making a contribution to coral restoration. This helps balance the scales between humans and the environment, to give back what we take and help fight to protect the woods and the waves of our world!

Wayfarer Wooden Sunglasses

We're Planet Protectors

Our Products

We like natural. Which is why we've opted to use bamboo, wood and  recycled materials wherever we can. Sometimes, it's unavoidable to  use plastic - such as the sunglasses lenses - but the good news is even these are recyclable!

Our Wood

By utilizing wood as the primary material, these sunglasses minimize the reliance on non-renewable resources commonly used in conventional eyewear production.

Our Packaging

Our sunglasses are shipped in a natural bamboo case contained within a cardboard box and sealed with recycled packaging tape. Safe, Strong & Sustainable.

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