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Trees Planted


Coral Planted


The Wooden Waves Way

Wooden Waves planting trees


Planting Trees

Wooden Waves planting coral


Planting Coral

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Happy Planet


We support One Tree Planted who plant trees all around the world, regenerating areas of deforestation and teaching sustainability to the locals.


Thanks to their hard work and dedication to the environment combined with the support from our loyal customers, we have been able to give back to our planet and plant 100 trees around the world. 

Six Pillars Of Why Trees Are Important



Trees help to clean the air we breath by absorbing harmful pollutants and releasing oxygen in exchange, off-setting carbon emissions. 



Trees provide us with a wide variety of jobs, from tree surgeons to researchers as well as timber for our homes and fruit trees for food. 



The trees interlocking root systems act like filters, working with the soil to absorb rainwater and prevent natural disasters like landslides and large scale flooding.



Trees help to reduce stress and anxiety and help us reconnect and rediscover nature. They provide shade to protect us from the harsh midday sun.



A single tree can house hundreds of species of insect, fungi, plants and mammals. Without trees, forest cultures would have no where to call home. 



Trees help to cool the planet by sucking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in return. In cities, trees can reduce the temperature by 8 degrees celsius.


We also support Coral Gardeners who restore coral beds off the coast of French Polynesia, regenerating large areas of deceased coral beds and bringing colour and life back to the reefs once again.

Image by Q.U.I

What is Coral?

Corals are colonial organisms that are made up of thousands of individual animals called polyps. These polyps work symbiotically with algae that live on the coral, providing shelter for the algae which in turn provides energy to the coral through photosynthesis. This relationship is what gives the coral it's vibrant and beautiful colour.

Why is it dying?

The rise in sea temperatures upsets the relationship between the polyp and the algae. The algae becomes toxic for the polyp so it rejects it, meaning the coral no longer has a way of photosynthesising for food. This causes the coral to die and lose its colour known as coral bleaching. 

Image by Catrin Johnson


A new resilient species of coral has appeared called a Super Coral.

What this means is that these new species of coral are able to withstand the higher temperatures of the sea and their surrounding environment enabling them to survive large scale coral bleaching events. Amidst these extreme conditions, Super Corals are thriving and should hypothetically be able to spawn.


Wooden Waves have planted two new species of super corals:

Acropora Muricaia (left)

A staghorn coral providing shelter for a variety of marine life.

Acropora Hyacinthus (right)

A large species of coral that can grow to over 2m in diameter!

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