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Olive wood frame sunglasses with polarised lenses


Our lenses are made from something called Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) which is a chemical compound made from cellulose combined with acetates to make a plastic type film, which consists of 7 layers.


Layer 1: Polarising layer – Specifically designed to block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB light to prevent reflective glare from entering your eyes.

Layer 2 & 3: Durability layers that enable the lens to withstand harsh environments and continue to effectively protect your eyes in different climates.

Layer 4 & 5: UV absorbing layers that soak up 99% of UV light

Layer 6 & 7: Shock proof and scratch resistant layers that increase the life and durability of the lenses.


Non polarised lenses that are tinted and tend to be used in cheaper sunglasses effectively just reduce the amount of ambient light from entering your eyes allowing you to see better in brighter conditions, however they are not able to block the glare, which can be dangerous.

What is glare?


When light hits a reflective surface such as water, ice, snow or even metallic objects like cars, the light is either absorbed or reflected. The reflected light bounces off the surface, scattered in all different directions meaning that some of the light is travelling as a horizontal or diagonal wave while other light is travelling as a vertical wave. This effect is known as polarisation.


How do polarised lenses reduce glare?

Polarised lenses are made up of many tiny vertical strips that are invisible to the naked eye, that will only allow light travelling as a vertical wave to pass through the lens and enter your eye. Any light travelling as a horizontal or diagonal wave is reflected which reduces the brightness experienced by the user and causes the glare to disappear. This result is only possible with specialised polarised lenses.

Wood frame sunglasses with polarised lenses

Why it this useful?


Driving – Wet roads combined with sunlight at the right angle can cause the reflective glare to be blinding. Obviously this is dangerous for yourself and anyone else on the road around you so it’s worth trying to reduce this situation as much as possible.


Fishing – Have you ever tried to look into a body of water such as a river or lake but all you can see is the bright sunlight reflecting off the top of the water? Well polarised lenses make for an excellent fish spotting companion as they eliminate the glare allowing you to see past the surface and into the depths below.


The Beach – Sitting on the sand with a drink in your hand, gazing across the open ocean… Only to be dazzled by the sunlight reflecting off the waves. Keep those perfect views in sight with some of our polarised sunglasses.


Cycling – The last thing you want when you’re cruising the roads on a two wheeler is to hit a pot hole because the light reflecting off the road made it invisible. Our glasses are super lightweight and well fitting making them perfect for cycling.

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