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Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

Original Wooden Eyewear

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New! Sunglasses made from recycled plastic!

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Our new range of recycled plastic sunglasses are carefully crafted from waste post-consumer plastic and recycled into a pair of stylish, eco-friendly sunglasses! 

With high quality, polarised lenses providing optimal clarity in bright conditions and a lightweight, flexible frame that's resistant to knocks, drops and bangs, be sure to add a pair of these sunglasses to your adventure kit this summer!

Coffee Frame Sunglasses

Coffee frame sunglasses

Wooden Frame Sunglasses

Wooden Waves Wood Frame Sunglasses

Recycled Plastic Sunglasses

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The Wooden Waves Way

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Sustainable Materials

It's estimated that the UK as a nation throws away 295 billion pieces of plastic every year!

We don't want to be a part of that statistic. That's why our sunglasses are crafted using natural materials, minimizing the reliance on non-renewable resources.

It feels so much better wearing natural materials and the Earth thinks so too!

Recycled Packaging 

Nearly half of the plastic used in the UK is used for packaging.

We can do better.

Our packaging contains zero plastic and is made from 100% recycled materials! Woo hoo!

Wooden sunglasses - semi rimless wood frame sunglasses polarised lenses
Wooden Waves

Mission To Make A Difference 

We believe big change can happen from a lot of people each doing a little bit to help.

That's why when you buy from us not only are you getting a sustainable pair of wooden sunglasses, you are also planting a tree and contributing towards coral restoration around the world.

 Together we can make a difference! 




Sustainable sunglasses and recycled sunglasses

Our sunglasses are crafted using natural wood or recycled resources and packaged using recycled materials. No two pairs are the same, giving a unique style with a distinctive panache. 

We plant trees

We love trees. Which is why we want to give back more than we take. It's up to us to look after the woods of our world, so every sale contributes towards fighting deforestation.

We plant coral with coral gardeners

Our planets coral reefs are considered to be the rainforests of the Ocean. They are a hive of bustling life shrouded in beauty. But unfortunately they're under threat and every sale helps fight to protect them.

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